Open Enrollment

What is Open Enrollment?
   After you enroll in a Medicaid managed health care plan or the State assigns you to a plan, you will get to use your plan for the next year, if you stay on Medicaid.
   You will have 90 days after your initial enrollment or assignment to change plans, if you want.
   Once a year you will have the chance to change plans. This is called your Open Enrollment period. Outside your Open Enrollment period, you will only be able to change plans if there is an agency-approved good cause.
Is everyone in Open Enrollment?
No. Some people can change plans at any time. They are:
   Medicare Beneficiaries with Medicaid
   Children under 19 with Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
   Subsidized Adoptive Children
   Foster Care Children
   American Indians
What if I want to change my doctor?
   If you want to change your doctor, call your plan.
   Your plan has many doctors who can be your Primary Care Provider (PCP).

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