General Information

In Florida, most Medicaid beneficiaries must enroll in a Medicaid managed health care plan. Each plan offers:
  All of the basic Florida Medicaid benefits.
  A network of doctors, hospitals, clinics and
  drugstores you can use.
  A choice of doctors to be your
  Primary Care Provider (PCP).
This website has lots of information about Florida Medicaid Options and the choices available, including:
  Steps you can use to choose a plan and a doctor
  Answers to many of your questions on our Q & A page
  Health care plans offered in each county AND MORE.
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   Children's Medical Services Network (CMS Network) is available to
children under age 21 with special health
care needs. To find out more  click here.
   Florida Medicaid Reform: Florida is leading the nation in changing the Medicaid program. The first counties to experience these changes will be Broward and Duval. For more information about Florida Medicaid Reform see our Links & Resources  page or click here.

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